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We know your time is precious. We hope to tailor our schedule to ensure you leave our facility feeling that YOUR satisfaction was our primary goal. Most infusions can be completed within 45 minutes and injections within 15 minutes. Our goal is to provide a premier client/patient experience and welcome feedback! 

Appointments are encouraged. Walk-ins are welcomed!

Recovery   $95 with optional add-ons

Fatigued, burning your candle at both ends, or overindulged in celebrating? 1 Liter hydration with B-complex. Optional Zofran and Toradol to combat nausea and headache.

Blue Flowers
Meyers Cocktail/Mini Meyer's

Just a darn good idea for overall wellbeing!! IV Nutritional infusion to support immunity, reduce inflammation, improve clarity, mood and energy. 1.5grams Vitamin C, 800mg Magnesium, 1,000mcg  Vitamin B-12 and B-Complex.

Red Gerbera
Athletic Performance  "Roadrunner"
with optional Taurine  $200-$240


Ran a marathon? Planning a marathon? Hit the gym with a gusto that you are now regretting? Hydration, Amino Blend (Glutamine 150mg, Arginine 500mg, Ornithine 250mg, Lysine 250mg, Citrulline 250mg),  B vitamins and optional Taurine to rehydrate, refresh, replenish lost nutrients, and boost activity tolerance.

Antioxidant Deluxe  $195

Have you done too much of the bad stuff and not enough of the good stuff? 10grams Vitamin C, 600-2000mg Glutathione by infusion can help combat fatigue, relieve stress, boost immunity, protect against oxidative stress and promote general health. Optional B-12 and B-Complex. Alpha Lipoic Acid coming soon!

Flower Bouquet
Plain Jane Hydration $75

When you find yourself lacking some good old fashioned hydration, come in and see us! One liter of normal saline or lactated ringers.

Dramatic Flowers
Immunity Booster $140
Great for current infection or frequent exposure to high risk situations. 10 grams Vitamin C, 10mg Zinc and 5mg Vitamin B12. If you are contagious, please call to question home IV option.

ADD to ANY DOSE of Meyers cocktail for $100

White Frangipani Flowers
Injections $25-$50

*B-complex (B1, 2, 3, 5, &6) $25
*Vitamin B12 1mg $25
*Glutathione 200mg $30 
*Lipo B Aminos (inositol, choline, methionine) and 1mg B-12 $35
*Lipo C  Aminos (inositol, choline methionine) and B-Complex $35
*Plain Lipo (Aminos only) $35
*Taurine 50-150mg $50 injection;  500mg $90 IV
*Athletic performance injection; Amino Blend (Glutamine 30mg, Arginine 100mg, Ornithine 50mg, Lysine 50mg, Citrulline 50mg),  B12- 5mg, B-complex and optional Taurine injection $60-90

*Tri-Immune Boost (200mg Vit C, 200mg Glutathione, 2.5mg Zinc) $35

*Vitamin D 25,000iu $25 (must have documented levels less than 60 nmol/l) available November-March only

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